Artist’s Statement

I work and draw in a direct manner, in an attempt to reach a closer approximation to the human experience of seeing — a moment in time that stretches back into memory and dreams.

The Idea Enhancement Project is a visionary undertaking that explores the use of art as a practical tool for increasing innovative and creative thinking. And vision, our most dominant and well-developed sense, is the ideal medium for this exploration.

Support for the feasibility of this project comes from a synthesis of cultural and scientific documents, on subjects ranging from contemplative gardens to geometric axioms, all contributing to a determination that art and ideas occupy the same “places” in human awareness, and can be directly exchanged through unconscious “dialogues.”

As work on the Idea Enhancement Project has progressed, my project based results and my other art activities have gradually come together in visual expressions that focus on human consciousness and thought processes. These contemplative pieces are designed to open up upon extended viewing and bring the viewer to that place where art and ideas, memories and dreams coexist and are freely exchanged.

To the extent that these pieces are interactive, and dependent on what each viewer brings to them, it is difficult to assess individual responses. Plans are underway to gather feedback from larger groups, where an inspection of results may be more fruitful.

In art, there are no bridges that span the distance from problem to solution — no “footprints” of logical proofs to retrace. If such a bridge can be made, it will be an approximation, a construct that is merely “compatible,” “illuminating” or “supporting” to the artistic journey, and it will need to be constructed after the fact.

The Idea Enhancement Project website [] reflects my attempts to construct such a bridge.


I was born in Brooklyn, New York and received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. After spending 10 years in the magazine and ceramic screen printing industry, I was hired by a marketing company and worked in both corporate finance and product development and in 2007, moved to Lansing, NY to work on various creative projects full-time.

In 2010, I received Fiscal Sponsorship from the New York Foundation for the Arts for the Idea Enhancement Project, which explores the use of visual imagery to promote creative thought.

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