Artist’s Statement

Sometimes working in a different media will give you a different perspective on your work; but after spending the last two years writing and illustrating books – it only seems to have reinforced the vision I originally had come to believe in.

I take this as a good thing, and proof that I am making a path towards some end; not aimlessly wandering in a search for guidance.

While having a personal vision allows an artist to learn from others without being overwhelmed; it’s equally useful in learning from their own workings in other media – even those as seemingly unconnected as essays or poetry.

Returning to these artistic problems after two years, has not only given me a fresh energy; it has added two years of artistic growth and experiences to call on.

The year-end work of the 2020 Selected Prints show how I have come back to the issues of the past — in 2021, I am looking to move forward.

Doug Baird

December 10, 2020


Doug Baird is an artist, writer, and poet living in rural “Cornithaca County,” New York.

His wide work experience has led him from the warehouse to corporate finance and product development, and to a variety of commercial art jobs as printer, illustrator, art director and creative director.

Doug is project leader for the Idea Enhancement Project, a Fiscally Sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts, exploring the use of visual imagery as a practical tool for increasing innovative and creative thinking.

The 2019 book: Family Farm Fun: A Satirical Activity & Game Book about the Hazards of Industrial Farming; promotes rural social justice through the use of humor and satire.

Cornithaca County: One Thought, One Taught, One Choice, One Voice, published in the fall of 2020, is described as a “Satirical – Teaching – Thinking – Investigative – Activity – Game – Puzzle – Poem – Essay – Troublesome – Inspiring – Non-Conforming – Ranting – Embarrassing – Inexcusable – book.”

His blog, Rural Tompkins County — The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials, investigates elitist policy making in New York, and its effect on the rural community.

He is the author of two poetry collections: As a Poet, I have a Confession and Please Take Care when You Utter a Curse, and a picture book: You Know You Live near a Factory Farm When Your Kids Go Fishing with a Pool Skimmer, and an upcoming poetry book [Shortening].

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